Branding | Business Cards | Print Design

Interior Solutions is an interior design and consulting firm based in Kansas City that needed a new logo and branding effort that would appeal to the modern market. The dot in the 'i', acting as the door handle, was carried through as the pattern in the corner adding balance to the card.



Branding | Illustration | Campaign Marketing

The Indianapolis Animal Care and Control Department was awarded grant money to create a campaign toward the adoption of cats in the Indianapolis area. The Cool Cat campaign was designed to grab the attention of a new market of future cat owners, specifically, younger ages and men.  We found that those markets often want a pet, but not the responsibilities. Therefore, four cat personalities were created to represent some of the benefits of owning a cat in order to combat those concerns. 



Branding | Business Cards | Print Design

Plan The Day is an online wedding planning app for brides, and professionals. The logo, designed to reach a primarily female market, represents the app’s purpose by emphasizing ‘The Day’ while depicting its smooth, easy to use features. The mark is a combination of a to-do list, a heart and a speech bubble. All three things are key ingredients to what makes up a perfect Plan The Day event: organization, collaboration, and execution.

ptd business cards.jpg


Print Design | Brochure | Layout 


Adinamis and Saunders Law was opening a Pre-Suit Mediation branch and needed something to hand out to their clients explaining what it was and what it can do for them. A  large tri-fold brochure was created to answer common questions, identifying key points, and introducing the people to work with. The blue design elements create a visual flow through the brochure to keep the reader moving around through a somewhat dry topic.


 Print Design | Branding

With a new office and new employees, Polleo Systems wanted to host an open house to display all the things they had been busy with in past year. This inviting and fun piece captures the exciting energy coming from this company. It was mailed to clients and friends as their invitation to come and enjoy an evening at the Polleo office.